With their Sunday, December 11th, 2022 performance of “NUMBER GIRL Mujo no Hi” at Pia Arena MM as their final performance, NUMBER GIRL will break up. NUMBER GIRL is going to break up.
Now, the advance homepage ticket reservation lottery will begin today at 20:00.
For further details, check the Live page.
You can read a message from Mukai Shutoku here.

◆『NUMBER GIRL Mujo no Hi』Pia Arena MM Official Homepage and Twitter Advance Ticket Reservation Lottery
URL: https://w.pia.jp/t/numbergirl-ot/
Registration Period: Saturday, August 13 at 20:00 to Saturday, August 20 at 23:59
※ Limit of two tickets per person
※ This is a ticket reservation lottery
※ There will be an ID check at the entrance
For questions or further information:DISK GARAGE
050-5533-0888(Weekdays 12:00~15:00)